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Community Information
This notebook exchange community is for all the small animal lovers who are interested in sharing the life of their fuzzers in pictures and writing.

Who can join?
Anyone who is interested in having a fuzzerbook or contributing by putting an entry into other users' fuzzerbooks. It doesn't matter where you live, but you must be willing to spend some money on postage and mailing materials such as envelopes. You'll probably get a notebook only once in a while, so the cost shouldn't be too much.

How do I get started?
1. Join the community.

2. Post your first entry with a little introduction of yourself, your location and your email address. Please make this a "friends only" post, in this way, only members of this community can view this entry. (This will be added to the memories so that other members can locate your email when they need to contact you for mailing address in future.)

If you don't mind posting your mailing address at the same time, you may also do so. That will save you the trouble of replying to emails requesting for your mailing address every time another member is getting ready to mail you a notebook.

* Remember all these will be "friends only" posts, meaning it will only be available to community members.

Some notebook guidelines
1. If you want to send out your own fuzzerbook, buy a notebook that is sturdy but lightweight.

2. Decorate your notebook with stickers, photos, whatever you want. However do keep in mind that you want to keep the notebook as light as possible so as not to increase postage. If the notebook is heavy, it can be hard to mail, not to mention the cost of postage.

3. You can suggest guidelines for people who add entries your fuzzerbook. For example, you may request that each member do a profile of their pet, post a picture of themselves with their pet, or write their favorite pet story. Or, you can just leave the content up to the member.

4. Start writing in your notebook and let others know where you're from and what you'll like for them to write in your notebook. You can include additional information like "include photos, no tape" and things like that in your first entry. Please make sure you include your LJ username! You should also add your mailing address in the fuzzerbook so the last user to add to it know where to mail it when it's full.

5. When you receive a fuzzerbook, please respect and take care of it. You'll want your notebookto be handled carefully, so please extend that courtesy to others as well.

6. When writing in the fuzzerbook, please start your entry on the next available page and limit your entry to a few pages so more people can add.

7. Make your entry in the fuzzerbook as soon as possible, try not to keep the book for more than 2 weeks.

8. Please only mail a fuzzerbook to a member of this community. Everyone would like to get their books back, so let's all try our best to keep it in circulation among community members so that we can keep track of it via posting made when the fuzzerbooks are being sent out and received.

9. When there are less than 2 pages left in the fuzzerbook, please send it back to the owner of the notebook.

My fuzzerbook is ready! Now what?
1. Post an entry in the community describing your fuzzerbook (i.e., a photo book, a story sharing book, etc.) and ask who would like to receive your fuzzerbook. If more than one member replies, you can choose to compile a list to go with your fuzzerbook.

2. Once you know who to send your fuzzerbook to, contact that member for their address. The emails of all the members will be in the memories as "members only" entries, so check out the member's email and email him/her for their mailing address.

3. The fuzzerbook is on its way -- post an entry to let the receiver know that you have mailed the book and he/she should be getting it soon.

I received a fuzzerbook!! What do I do??
1. When you receive a fuzzerbook, please post an entry in the community so that the owner of the book and sender knows that the book has arrived and is still in circulation.

2. Write and/or decorate in the fuzzerbook as soon as possible and mail it out to the next person. Make sure you include your LJ username. The fuzzerbook should not stay with you for more than 2 weeks. If you absolutely can't avoid a delay, please post so the owner will know their fuzzerbook hasn't disappeared.

3. Once you are finished with the fuzzerbook, you can post an entry in the community to see who would like it next. If there is a list with the notebook, contact the next person in line and have the notebook send to him/her. (If there are less than 2 pages left, please contact the owner of the fuzzerbook to arrange for it to be sent back to him/her.)


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For care and health info, please check out http://www.guinealynx.info/, http://www.chins-n-quills.com/
Please contact me if you have any other sites to add.

This community endorses rescuing and C&C cages.